Honestly, if I wasn’t dessert queen, I would be Beyonce. My love for sweets is insatiable, and it keeps me away from having a stomach on flat flat instead of fat fat. When I discovered I was moving to NYC, I created a food goal list of unique and Instagram-worthy places to eat at. On that goal list was Eggloo.

Eggloo is a specialty dessert shop where they offer ice cream with Hong Kong egg waffles, known as Gai Dan Jai. All of the unique dessert places are located in Chinatown and because I live uptown, it is a trek! But it was a worthy one. While exploring SoHo on a Saturday, a friend and I decided to stop by Eggloo so I could eat a delicious fucking dessert, cross of a bucket list item, and do it for the gram.

I went to their Chinatown location (60 Mulberry), and they were friendly enough when I went there. You pick your base of ice cream, you can choose what type of egg waffle you want (chocolate, original, and matcha are the options), and you have unlimited toppings! I got pocky, sprinkles, condensed milk, crushed Oreos, and chocolate syrup.


I love that the ice cream wasn’t soft served, which meant it took a longer time to melt. I was really satisfied with my ice cream; this was deeper than being Instagrammable, it was just a really, fucking delicious dessert. They don’t have student discounts, which sucks, but the unlimited toppings is unfuckwitable. I rate this place 5/5, definitely plan on going back once it becomes a little bit warmer.

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