In 2014 when I started this blog and named it “thereneeproject,” my goal was to share snippets of my life, write down my feelings, and share food pictures/dope things that I do. Since then, life has evolved, and my desire to blog has also changed.

I have Instagram that I can [and do!] use for food pictures and dope events. I have my Medium account that I use to write down my thoughts on current events and give my criticism. But despite not using this blog to its full potential, I haven’t been able to let go of this domain nor its name.

I’ve decided that I want to use this blog to talk about my mental health and my feelings about myself. I’m going to be candid and scary. A lot of people, mainly my friends, would urge me not to do so, and maybe they’re right. I could scare away potential partners, I could look “crazy,” but… my anxiety and my depression are a huge part of me, and I’m going to deal with these things for the rest of my life.

So I’m basically rebranding thereneeproject as… a blog that is about me continuously working on the project that is myself. How the things that I do, positive or negative, the effects it has on my mental health and well-being. I will never be a person that does not have triggers, and I will never be the person who is a shining example of equanimity. I do not desire perfection, I desire authenticity.


Honestly, if I wasn’t dessert queen, I would be Beyonce. My love for sweets is insatiable, and it keeps me away from having a stomach on flat flat instead of fat fat. When I discovered I was moving to NYC, I created a food goal list of unique and Instagram-worthy places to eat at. On that goal list was Eggloo.

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Blvd Bistro

I moved to NYC in August, and I want to talk about my first brunch experience: Blvd Bistro. It’s in Harlem and it’s really cozy; it’s definitely a place that will get packed around 12-1. My cousin took me out at around 11:30am, and we were able to be seated rather quickly. The restaurant has a very homey vibe and lots of foliage/plants. They also have a wall where they post up the celebrities who have visited this spot, I.e. people like Whoopi Goldberg! Continue reading “Blvd Bistro”

Music Playlist

Most of my close friends know that I love music and that I love dope music and I love sharing aforementioned dope music. I fancy myself a great potential DJ, however I sometimes [often] lack discipline and I cannot blend songs well. Seriously, I can’t. I tried to learn how to DJ and each song transition sounded like I threw a chair into a glass window.

However, I have decided to start curating playlists! I’m going to try my best to do a playlist once a month, maybe twice if I’m feeling froggy. Follow ya girl’s playlist on Spotify, and take a listen! I carefully chose the songs, so please listen in order, and please dance.