Blvd Bistro

I moved to NYC in August, and I want to talk about my first brunch experience: Blvd Bistro. It’s in Harlem and it’s really cozy; it’s definitely a place that will get packed around 12-1. My cousin took me out at around 11:30am, and we were able to be seated rather quickly. The restaurant has a very homey vibe and lots of foliage/plants. They also have a wall where they post up the celebrities who have visited this spot, I.e. people like Whoopi Goldberg!

I ordered chicken biscuits and a crab benny (living in DC gave me an appreciation for crab cakes, runny eggs, and brunch). Y’all, I want to talk about these chicken biscuits: they were divine. The bread was perfectly flaky, soft, and buttery, and the chicken was thick and moist! I was flabbergasted because it was a chicken breast, not chicken thigh, and normally breasts are drier than the Sahara! The crab benny was good, too, but I would go back for the chicken biscuits, again and again.

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10/10 Chicken Biscuits
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Crab Benny!


What I also liked about Blvd Bistro was the service! They were late with our order, and the gave us the chicken sliders for free. I also love it when owners come and talk to the patrons about the food and the customer experience; it shows that you really care. I’m unsure about the price (my cousin treated me!) but price be damned, you need to go there for the chicken biscuits and great ambience. I’m rooting for Blvd Bistro to continue winning.

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