vii. hibiscus clay mask

I’ve been natural since October 2009; my hair has gone through some trials and tribulations. During the first two years, my hair flourished; I retained so much length, my hair was moisturized, twist outs were popping, et cetera. I fell off of the wagon late 2012 and my hair was stagnant for a bit. My hair went through different colors, I had years filled with protective styling and no protective styles at all. Last year 2014, around October, I vowed to take better care of my hair. I decided to get back to ayurvedic hair regimen. I will make a post a bit later detailing what ayurvedic is, the powders/herbs/oils you can use, et cetera, my current natural hair routine/staples/current hair length and hair goals. But I’m going to discuss my hibiscus clay mask!

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