In 2014 when I started this blog and named it “thereneeproject,” my goal was to share snippets of my life, write down my feelings, and share food pictures/dope things that I do. Since then, life has evolved, and my desire to blog has also changed.

I have Instagram that I can [and do!] use for food pictures and dope events. I have my Medium account that I use to write down my thoughts on current events and give my criticism. But despite not using this blog to its full potential, I haven’t been able to let go of this domain nor its name.

I’ve decided that I want to use this blog to talk about my mental health and my feelings about myself. I’m going to be candid and scary. A lot of people, mainly my friends, would urge me not to do so, and maybe they’re right. I could scare away potential partners, I could look “crazy,” but… my anxiety and my depression are a huge part of me, and I’m going to deal with these things for the rest of my life.

So I’m basically rebranding thereneeproject as… a blog that is about me continuously working on the project that is myself. How the things that I do, positive or negative, the effects it has on my mental health and well-being. I will never be a person that does not have triggers, and I will never be the person who is a shining example of equanimity. I do not desire perfection, I desire authenticity.