xxv. New Decade

I’ve had 30 revolutions around the sun; I’m grateful for the experiences that was my twenties. My twenties were messy, terrible, beautiful, exciting, and memorable. I moved to a new city, I applied to med school on faith and got it. I went natural and cut my hair off. I made amazing friends and met terrible people. I felt my first adult love, had my heart broken, and I’ve never loved anyone since then. I experienced the loss of a parent, I experienced mental illness and had multiple major depressive episodes. I didn’t have a job for 7 months and no health insurance, I attended my dream schools, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve lost some of my female best friends and I’ve gained some more amazing ones in their place. I’ve discovered some things about myself, including how resilient I am, and I’ve finally reached a place of self love.

This post is about the things I’ve learned about myself and life in my twenties.


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