xv. 2015 reflections, 2016 goals.

2015 was such a huge transitory year; I let go of old situation to get involved in another situation I had to let go of, I had a close friendship die. I fell for someone to have them betray me. I had the time of my life from January – September, I solidified already really excellent friendships. Family members died, I got a job, I had real life adult bills, I had to buy a new car, I moved from a comfort zone to an unfamiliar city and I’m learning how to bloom where I’m planted. There were times that I thought I wasn’t going to be “happy” because I didn’t get what I want the way I wanted it. But I am learning how to bloom where I am planted.

I started this blog last year to chronicle my thoughts on politics [I hate you Abigail Fisher. Black Lives Matter. White Tears gotta go] and personal growth; I’ve obviously not blogged on here often/I suck. I thought about making a trite post on what I’ve learned in 2015 [re: a shit ton] but the one lesson I feel the need to write on is forgiveness.

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